Wednesday, 25 March 2015

21 Facts About Me

So I thought I'd do a little "facts about me" post, so you could get to know me a little bit better. I choose 21 because, well I'm 21. Also I've added more than one embarrassing photo down there!

1. I work for the NHS.

2. I'm 5ft 1inch but I like to pretend I'm 5ft 2inch.

3. I'm a really fussy eater. Worst dinner guest ever. 

4. Talking about food, I love pizza but I take all the cheese off.

5. Game of Thrones is sort of my life. 

6. I studied Photography, English Literature and History at A Level.

7. I read the twilight series 8, yes 8 times in one year. In my defense I was 14-15. 

8. Does anyone remember piczo? It was big when I was 12. My first website was called "ilovepaulwalkerandshopping" cringe.

9. Up until I was 14/15 I had always wanted to be a Vet.

10. My favourite food is Chicken.

11. Following that, my favourite place to eat is Nandos.

I'm the one in the middle.

12. My mum and dad went on holiday when I was almost 16 and when they returned I'd had my hair cut off, dyed it black and blonde and got my nose pierced. #rebel

13. My first ever concert was My Chemical Romance. 

14. I've never been abroad, shocking I know but I got a passport last year so hopefully this will change soon.

15. My nickname throughout school was Chicken Tikka, because Emma Theaker, Chicken Tikka. I got this name when I was 6/7 and it stuck.

16. For my 21st birthday me and my boyfriend Adam went to London and I went to the Harry Potter Studios. It was amazing.

Please ignore the glasses in that photo. I had to buy them as we walked into the Tower of London as the sun was actually blinding me. 

17. My recent hair cut is new, although I've wanted it cut this short since October when I first got it majorly cut but took the plunge a few weeks ago. 

18. From 18 to 19 me and best friends were out every weekend almost every Friday and Saturday! 
I'm the really blonde one in these 
These are the only ones I'm uploading from that time as the rest are far to embarrassing, even for me and I think my friends would literally kill me. P.S sorry for the quality of some of them pics, they were taken on the iPhone 3gs.  

19. When I was in secondary school I competed for my school in trampolining. 

20. I did have an imaginary family when I was really young, yes family, not just a friend. 

21. I get obsessed with T.V shows and binge watch them. My favourites are Pretty Little Liars, Charmed, Gossip Girl. Very girly, I know.

About Me* image taken from Google images, I then traced it back to