Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Another Lush Haul...

So I some how found myself among the stacks of bath bombs and bubble bars and a variety of cheese looking soap once again and I branched out and picked up two new, well new to me items. As well as two firm favourites that I seemingly can not live out without.
You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt 
I'm going to really go in to, to much detail about this little number, I love the smell and how it leaves me feeling the bath. I feel though, as they're so tiny they should be sold in two's or three's or something. I've spoke about it before so I'll shut up now.
May Day Bath Bomb
I'm really excited to use this bath bomb and I think this will be the first I try out of  the two new ones. The smell is very different to what I usually go for in a bath bomb. If there's 90's kids out there that can remember the little chewy blackjack sweets, this bath bomb has almost the exact same scent.
Brightside Bubble Bar
My other love is this gorgeous citrus-y bubble bar. I love how many baths I can get out of this and the one I picked up this time is a lot bigger than my last one so that makes me very happy. Again like with You've Been Mangoed I won't go on about this. I will say though if you're just getting into lush and you want more value for your money, I recommend this! 
Butterball Bath Bomb
This is a very small bath bomb and I've not seen in it my local Lush before. It smells fantastic and on the Lush website it's says for delicious looking skin so I'm assuming it's got some moisturising agent in there. Very much looking forward to trying this one out. 

Have you picked up anything nice from Lush recently? Is there anything I should be trying that I'm missing out on?

Emma x